brian detmers

Guitarist/Vocalist Brian “Beno” Detmers is a South Dakota native who’s been playing live and doing studio work since he was 17 years old. With a resume that includes Aaron Baron (SD Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame 2019), Pressure Point, Flat Cat, I-90 West, The Freeloaders, The Neo Johnsons, The Glory Holes, Stranded With Norman, Life B4 Color, Hotel Oblivion, The Cartwright Brothers Split Pea Band, and 100 Watt Shine, he’s forgotten more about live performance than many will ever know. Beno has shared the stage with more dead people than Keith Richards, played on more recorded tracks than the 1985 Chicago Bears, and has now officially performed “Brown Eyed Girl” for the last time…ever.

dick bartling

Drummer Dick Bartling, a native of Brookings, SD, toured full-time in the early to mid-80’s with three of the region’s most successful rock bands: Aaron Baron (SD Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame 2019), Pressure Point, and Ivory. Over the past 2 decades, he has played with jazz greats Mike Miller, Matt Wallace, Ryan Kisor, and Justin Kisor. He has also performed and/or recorded with The Hegg Brothers Band, Dakota Jazz Collective, Life B4 Color, Hotel Oblivion, The S.D. Jazz Orchestra, DNR, Dan Mahar, The Blue Healers, Victoria Pennock Band, Chris Champion, Short Fuse, Pete Good, John Stewart, Art vs. Money, and Flat Cat.

evan jones

Keyboardist/Vocalist Evan Jones began playing piano at age 5 and was heavily influenced by the pop music he heard on AM radio throughout his youth. Shadowfax was his first band in his early teens. While in high school at Sioux Falls Washington, he was a founding member of Wakefield (SD Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame 2017). The band went on to become one of the most popular regional rock acts of the 1980’s. Other than Wakefield reunions, Evan took a 22 year break from music as he moved away from SD to pursue his Engineering career and raise his family. He returned to the area in 2010 and began performing as a solo artist, which he continues along with the band JETT.

ben dee

Bassist/Vocalist Ben Dee was born in Wisconsin and moved to Mitchell, SD as a child. He was drawn to bass at age 17 after growing up noticing the bass lines in pop and rock music on his Mom’s AM kitchen radio. Onyx was his first band and they were later hired to be a new version of Flat Cat in the mid-80’s. Ben played with Art vs. Money in the late 80’s and toured full-time with The Dustin Evans Band in the 90’s. He later performed with The Rude Awakening and country guitarist/vocalist Jimmy Weber.

steve grimes

Guitarist/Vocalist Steve Grimes, born and raised in Sioux Falls, SD, began playing guitar in high school. He gained experience playing rock, country, jazz, school variety shows, and pit orchestra for school musicals. Steve attended Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA studying with Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big) and Jennifer Batten (Jeff Beck and Michael Jackson). In addition to GPO, he is also a member of Sugardaddy and has previously performed with The Take, The Glory Holes, Goodroad, The Toby Kane Band, Brian Masek & Friends, and others.